National Team Code of Conduct


ACU Athletes Code of Conduct

In registering as an Athlete Member of the Association of Canadian Ultramarathoners (ACU), and within the context of the activities of Ultra Running, an individual agrees to take part in the spirit of fair play and honesty, and with the rules and regulations of the ACU, Athletics Canada and the IAAF. As such, the Athlete Member is expected to:

  1. Compete in a spirit of fair play and honesty;
  2. Compete within the rules of Athletics;
  3. Avoid the use, advocate, promotion and distribution of banned substances and methods as outlined in the Substance Classification Booklet published by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). It is recommended that each Team Member familiarize themselves with the entire CCES website, once being selected to the team;
  4. Refrain from using tobacco products within the competition area;
  5. Refrain from using alcohol at athletic events or in victory celebrations at the competition site;
  6. Refrain from using profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language in the context of the activities of Athletics;
  7. Address fellow athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, event organizers, spectators and others associated with Athletics in a courteous and respectful manner;
  8. Act in a manner that will bring credit to the Athletics Community and yourself, both within and outside the competition area;
  9. Respect an individual’s dignity. Verbal or physical behaviors that constitute harassment or abuse are unacceptable;
  10. Ensure the safety of others when taking part in Athletics activity.

Individuals registering as Athlete Members of the ACU are advised that by doing so they are agreeing to adhere to this and the policies, rules, regulations, by-laws and constitution of the ACU, Athletics Canada and the IAAF.

ACU Team Members Code of Conduct

ACU Team Member athletes selected to ACU Teams, are, as a result of accepting the selection, and in the context of the Athletes Code of Conduct, expected to:

  1. Conduct themselves in a positive and supportive manner;
  2. Follow the rules of the Organizing Committee of the competition;
  3. Meet at the Team assembly points on time and attend all team meetings;
  4. Abide by the laws of the city, province and those of Canada or the country in which the competition is taking place;
  5. Join the Team, fit, ready, able and willing to compete in the events selected to participate in;
  6. Compete in the ACU Team uniform if provided;
  7. Travel in the ACU Team Travel uniform if such is provided, or otherwise shall be comfortable and respectful attired for traveling;
  8. That during an ACU Team event, respect quiet hours;
  9. Avoid misuse of alcohol;
  10. Avoid the use of alcohol if under age;
  11. Avoid the use of illegal drugs;
  12. To be responsible for all their personal items such as identification papers, passports (if required) and equipment.
  13. Ensure that any issues or concerns before, during or after the World Championships must be discussed with the Team Manager. Under no circumstances should the athletes communicate directly with the organizing committee.

Updated: Feb 24, 2010