2004 National 100K Team

The team competed at the 100K World Championships which were held on September 11, 2004, in Winschoten, The Netherlands.

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Team Members Province Results

Bruce Barteaux
Jack Cook
Andrew McLean
Wendy Montomery
Andy Nicol
Raouf Mallouh

Nova Scotia
British Columbia
British Columbia

Women's Team
No ranking - only 1 runner\

Women's Individual Results
Wendy Montomery 8:32.19 Hrs

Men's Team
12th Place Overall in 25:28.19

Men's Individual Results
Andy Nicol         8:08:18 Hrs
Andrew McLean 8:30.55 Hrs
Jack Cook          8:49.06 Hrs

Bruce Barteaux   8:56:48 Hrs

Raouf Mallouh    10:34:59 hRS


 ** Open runner