The ACU History - The Beginning


Victor Hickey Prouldy Holds Canadian FlagThe ACU came into being on March 14, 1992, at 458 Locust Street in Burlington, Ontario. A grand total of six people were present (although others contributed by sending letters or asking those attending to consider their views). Present were Jo Wells of Burlington, who provided her office for the occasion, and became the founding vice-president; Michel Careau of Hull, Quebec, who became secretary-treasurer; Laurie Dexter of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Ed Alexander of Hamilton, Cor Potma of Burlington and David Blaikie of Manotick, Ontario, the founding president.

The ACU started as a committee of volunteers and evolved into a democratic organization two years later at Victoria, B.C., when a slate of officers was elected. A constitution was adopted at the same time and a board of directors representing the various regions of Canada was approved. Many accomplishments have been achieved since that time, thanks to passionate volunteers.