2010 National Team 100K

The team competed at the 100K World Campionships 2010 on November 7th, 2010, in Gibraltar.

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Team Members Province Results

Darren Froese                         

Darin Bentley                          

Jack Cook

Richard Webb                 

Thierry Asselin  

Matt Sessions    




Denise McHale

Melanie Bos

Dennene Huntley

Jennifer Dick




 British Columbia

 British Columbia




British Columbia





British Columbia


United Kingdom *** 




Women's Team Results

6th Place Overall in 25:42:44 Hrs

Women's Individual Results

Denise McHale      7:56:41 Hrs PB**

Melanie Bos            8:41:19 Hrs PB**

Dennene Huntley      9:04:44 Hrs PB**

Jennifer Dick           9:08:27 Hrs


Men's Team Results

16th Place Overall in 24:19:06 Hrs

Men's Individual Results

Thierry Asselin    7:40:37 Hrs PB**

Darin Bentley     8:19:14 Hrs

Darren Froese    8:19:15 Hrs

Matt Sessions     9:27:54 Hrs

Richard Webb     DNF

Jack Cook           DNF


*** Canadian living abroad