1995 National Team 100K

The team competed at the 100K World Cup 1995 on September 16th 1995, in Winschoten, The Netherlands

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Team Members Province Results

Stefan Fekner                         

Steve Royer                          

Ean Jackson

Ferg Hawke                  

Les Michalak  

Doug Barber     

Bill Hawke   



Suzanne Gagnon

Sue Kainulainen

Shelagh Germyn

Janet Green

Sally Marcellus 




British Columbia

British Columbia

British Columbia



British Columbia 





British Columbia 

British Columbia 

British Columbia




Women's Team Results

8th Place Overall in 27:28:18 Hrs

Women's Individual Results

Suzanne Gagnon      8:50:28 Hrs

Sue Kainulainen      8:54:46 Hrs

Shelagh Germyn      9:43:04 Hrs

Janet Green           9:59:45 Hrs


Men's Team Results

13th Place Overall in 22:46:36 Hrs

Men's Individual Results

Stefan Fekner    7:09:45 Hrs

Steve Royer     7:38:24 Hrs

Ean Jackson      7:58:27 Hrs

Ferg Hawke      7:58:27 Hrs

Les Michalak     8:53:07 Hrs

Doug Barber     9:15:44 Hrs

Bill Hawke         9:41:15 Hrs

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