2023 World 24 Hour Results 

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The 2023 IAU 24 Hour World Championships were held in Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) on 1-2 December 2023. Following are the results for the Canadian delegation.

The event marked the first time World Masters Athletics (WMA) staged a co-occurring Masters 24 Hour Championships. IAU athletes had the option of paying to enter the WMA event. Our only athlete to sign up, Laura Sheridan, achieved 3rd place in the W40 event.

Official results at : https://statistik.d-u-v.org/getresultevent.php?event=97462

team parade - credit Ming De LIN

Team member Province Results

Matt Tribe

Tim Higham

Francois Decelles


 Laura Sheridan






Men's Individual Results: 

Matt Tribe 220.783 km *PB* 54th              

Tim Higham 204.392 km 80th        

Francois Decelles 191.247 km 92nd   

Men's Team Results:  

19th Place with 616.421 km


Women's Individual Results:                                 

Laura Sheridan 207.061 km *PB* 39th