Dear members, Athletes,

First I would like to apologize for the lack of updates with regards to the upcoming World Championships in 2014. The uncertainty and conflicting updates received made it very difficult to confirm any dates or location for 2014. Since last Fall, the IAU has been working very hard to secure the venues for these events. With the ups and dows of the world economy, it is getting very difficult for any organization interested in hosting a world event, to come up with enough fundings and meet all the requirements associated with hosting such events.

Here are the latest confirmations received from the IAU.

The World Championships 24 Hrs scheduled for 21-22 Jun in Pilzen Czeck Republic, has been cancelled. Discussions between the IAU and Soochow, Taiwan are on going

The World Championships 100K scheduled for Aug 30th in Latvia has also been cancelled but the IAU has confirmed the new venue for 2014, Doha, Qatar on Nov 28th 2014.

The World Trophy Final 50K will also take place in Doha, Qatar on Oct 31st 2014.

The selection for the National Team 100K for Doha, Qatar will be based on performances acheived in 2012, 2013 and up to Aug 28th 2014.

The selection for the National Team 24 Hrs will be announced as soon as a new venue has been secured and confirmed by the IAU.

The Wild Rose Brewery 50K,  of the Calgary Marathon, has been selected as part of the World Trophy Final 50K Series and any athletes who meet the qualifying standards during this event will be invited to the World Final 50K in Doha, Qatar.

Thank you for your patience

Yours in sports


Armand Leblanc

President ACU