iDear members,

we are now entering in a new year of excitement in the ultrarunning community. Looking at all the achievements of 2019, I am sure that 2020 won't disappoint.

In the last year, we reviewed the overall state of the ACU, focusing on the administration, promotion and better ways to reach out to our ultrarunning community.

We implemented new policies, Social Medias and recruited new committee members who are eager to help developping and promoting our sport across the country and abroad.

Like any other businesses, changes comes with a cost. The ACU's main revenues are memberships, National Championships Series and donations.

Membership fees have been set at $30 a year for the last 20 years so I think it is time to adjust to the present.

Starting February 1st 2020, the annual membership will be raised to $40 a year with a 2 years option for $80.

This small increase will make a huge difference, especially with regards to shipping and purchasing of awards.

Here is a small overview of how you membership money is used: 

Membership fees includes:

  • ACU patch
  • membership card
  • Discount on personal coaching (see link on ACU home page)
  • Discount on any products advertised on the ACU web site (when available)

What is your membership money used for:

  • Web site hosting, maintenance and administration fees
  • Awards production and shipping fees (Series events winners, overall winners, Athletes of the Year and Canadian Records)
  • National Teams uniform shipping
  • National Teams Athletes/Officials financial support to represent Canada at World Championships.

Other services provided to our members by the ACU team of volunteers:

  • National Ranking list (with over 8000 results posted yearly)
  • Canadian records (application verified as per IAAF Rules and ratified)
  • Selection of athletes to represent Canada at the various World Championships
  • Selection of athletes to represent Canada at the various Continental Americas Championships
  • Voice between the National Federation (ACU) and the International Federation (IAU)
  • National Championships Series calendar of events 

As you can see, many points to cover annually.

On this note I encourage you to join or renew before the increase on February 1st 2020.

Yours in Sport


President ACU

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual so join us and lets grow together !!